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Best Educational Studio 2019 Nominee

September 2019:

Electric Square has been nominated for the Best Educational Studio 2019 award!

July 2019:

Huw Bowles, Reactor’s Head of R&D, presented the latest advances in his class-leading open source ocean simulation system Crest at Siggraph 2019.

ElectricSquare Reactor Machine Learning

May 2019:

Tom Read Cutting created and presented a brand new workshop that delivers a hands-on first time experience with machine learning. We use character recognition from the MNIST database as a focus to teach core neural network configuration and training techniques. The course includes download and setup of standard Python ML libraries to train the network, and ends with a competition to see which participant can get the best performing network!

Machine Learning Workshop

Ray Marching Diagram

February 2019:

Reactor presents it’s first workshop – a practical introduction to ray marching, a rendering technique which models a virtual scene using mathematical structures rather than traditional representations such as triangle models. Created by Huw Bowles and AJ Weeks and using Shadertoy we remove the barriers to entry for anyone interested in learning the concepts and methods involved.

Ray Marching Workshop